Monday, March 24, 2014

DIY Frozen Olaf plush

The Frozen madness has hit the house, my Bunny watched it once and she was hooked. Especially with 
the lovable Olaf! Disney does make some really cute plushies, and eventually, I'm sure we will end up with one. Right now though, I whipped up my own on a whim and as a quick nap time project. ((Bunny actually asked me to make her an Elsa something, but that seemed more complicated. )) Best thing about this is I didn't have to go out and buy anything, everything was made using things I already had. Free Olaf is better than Disney Olaf right now. 

He is far from perfect!! I drew out a pattern and then sewed it up, it happened to work out alright. There is definitely plenty of room for improvement! The big Olaf is about 24in from bottom to top of head. He's huge and huggable, made out of off white Minky  [hes not even the right color. lol] I had on hand from a past plush commission where I ended up ordering the wrong color. 

I had so many of my friends love him too, I wish I had time and money to make Olafs for everyone but I don't. (AND Disney makes cute ones!!!) but I decided I can share my silly pattern.  I do ask that if you do use or find my post to be helpful, please link back to me~ ! 
It's totally raw, just drew it up and there it is. The ones scanned here and here are actually a smaller, slightly different version of the one I originally used. (I just redrew it smaller scale) You should be able to print them out to scale, but I wrote an estimation of some of the measurements in case it doesn't.  I also took some pictures and will attempt to do a sort of tutorial.  I think it's a fairly simple project, a beginner should be able to do this having had some sewing knowledge, my 'tutorial' might help. lol 

Gather your stuff!!
1. White Fabric (This depends on the size of your Olaf. The big one took almost a yrd, and the small one-  less than one half yard for sure. I don't really know because I used the remnants of the first Olaf. ) Be super crafty re-purpose sweaters or any fabrics to make a fun Olaf! 
2. Interfacing (This depends on the fabric you use, though most plush fabrics need interfacing.  I used Minky which has a 2 way stretch so using interfacing keeps it from stretching too much when sewing.  (I didn't have any on hand, maybe you can tell, maybe you can't, but interfacing makes your seams much more sharp and helps in keeping the shape) 
3. Felt: Black, brown and white. (for the eyes, buttons, tooth, arms and hair) I used stiff felt sheets, but regular felt sheets are fine. 
4. Polly Fill, Stuffing! Maybe you can be super creative and up-cycle some old pillows or stuff animals. That's what I did. 
5. Sewing machine, (though you can sew this by hand as well) Threads, embroidery floss,  scissors and any other practical things that you need to do this. 
6:? Optional: poly pellets (to weigh the plush down, used on my big Olaf)

So lets get started, Print out your pattern. Cut it out. (man I'm on a roll with this tutorial. Bahha) 
This pattern is so ..not that great,  please feel free to make your own adjustments. I found that the top of the head is a little lumpy and the head pattern all around is a little big compared to the body. The arms are a little too long and possibly too thick depending on how you sew them. (more on that later) I did not include the circle part to the foot because I didn't make feet on my little one. But just make sure you have a circle with a circumference of about 5inch as the foot is about 2.5in @ the half point. 

The butt, upperbody and feet are cut on the fold. Interface if you'd like then
 cut pentagons out of the black felt and sew these to the butt and upperbody as the buttons. Mine are all screwy, but that's Olaf~ 
 I didn't do a very good job of taking many pics of this, but after sewing the buttons, sew the butt ends together, then sew on the bottom and top circles to the butt leaving a small opening to turn on the top circle. Repeat this for the upper body and the feet (if making them). 

Once your done with that turn and stuff~ I added rattles at this time since my little Olaf is for my 6month old.  You can get rattles on Etsy~!  and other places I'm sure. Use a latter stich to close up the openings, or a whip stitch (which can be easier). 

I also used a ladder stitch to sew the butt to the upper body. A whip stitch can work too. 

Now it's time for the head, sew the pieces right sides together, I think you can see my stitching in the photo. Sew the outsides of the patterns together though do not sew it all the way to the back of the head. Maybe about half way at the top. (less lumpy this way). Afterwards open them up and sew the front of the head to the back of the head right sides together. 

Stuff the head. Now on to the nose. sew the top of the nose.  I used a zigzag top stich (12) for a more carrot like texture. (this can be skipped) On the right side of the fabric. 

When your done finish sewing and turn. You may need some help turning the nose with a needle and thread or other tight sewing turning techniques.  Again depending on how big you decide to make Olaf.  Use a whip or ladder stitch to sew the nose on and you may need to do one more stitch towards the front to keep the nose down. 

I didn't take any more pics, (I forgot) for the rest, but here's a quick rundown: 
For the eyes I used stiff white felt, sewed on the black pupils then zigzag stitched all around the eye with blue thread. After I hand stitched them on to the plush. 

For the hands, for big Olaf I sewed the hands together and turned. (Using Minky, you can use felt for this too) Stuffed and then top stitched a few lines with the zigzag stitch on my machine. For small Olaf I used a crincle paper to give support as I zigzag top stitched around them. I did this for the hair as well. You will want to add support to the hair and cut a hole to dig them into the head and then ladder stitch closed or else they will flop around. Do the same for the arms. I used a seam ripper to rip a small hole where I wanted the arms and hair to go.  I used embroidery floss to detail his mouth and stiff felt for his tooth. 

I think that about covers most everything, I'm getting sleepy here so it's time for me to go pass out. 
Hope this helps you if you were interested in making your own Olaf Plush. 
Your welcome and Enjoy~

I literally hand stitched this little one while making dinner (and other distractions) so he's totally screwy (upper body buttons way off from butt. LOL) but that works for Olaf and we LOVE them.

Thanks for reading!!