Monday, June 11, 2012

Draculaura - Friendship Monsters

I've recently been turned into MLP -FIM having put it on for my daughter to watch. She loves it and it Quickly grew on me as well. I love all the friendship lessons. It's just so darn adorable. We still haven't seen season two, hopefully we can soon.
Of course, right away I wanted to make Bunny and myself a pony plush, though anything I make for myself ususally ends up belonging to Bunny. ^_~

Being that I am a pretty big MonsterHigh nerd the inspiration came easily. 

Here is Draculaura Pony! And my Bunny just LOVE her. She played with it, cuddled it, compared it to her action figure Ponies, took her dolls for rides and then took it to bed! 


Of course there is so much that went wrong, she is by far purfect. I have a lot to work on with hair, and technique and possibly working out my own pattern. 

This Pony was made with a pattern I came across on DA posted by Voodoo-Tiki 

My Little Pony pattern 1 by ~Voodoo-Tiki on deviantART

Very much appreciated! 

I'm hoping my next pony will look a bit better. I've never worked with cuddleplush  before, but I had bought some in hopes of making a few plush a while back - totally forgot what I wanted to make originally. doh! 
 I didn't use any interfacing and some of the pattern pieces lost  their shape- so the pony is a bit disfigured, though I'm not sure you can really tell. I can. XD Doesn't make a difference to Bunny though, she loves it.  yay! 

First custom pony

I'm really quite proud of the cutie mark. It's hand embroidered. and I think I did a pretty swell job. =p 
I think I could of drawn the design better, but I'm quite happy with how it filled in. 

The hair on the other hand.. I'm not sure why I did it that way, seemed like a good idea in my head, until I drew it out and sewed it together and then I was like... hum.. not so much. 
I definitely want to try something different the second time round.
I also totally forgot to add the eyelashes in. It's no wonder her eyes looked a little funny to me. haha. 

Ride Doll Ride

Eyes are made out of fleece, handstiched to the pony. 

Draculaura pony

Draculaura says "this is my pony" =p

Draculaura's little pony

I was way to lazy to put clothes on her, so my apologies for doll nudity. lol  I still thought the pic was cute. 
Shes' currently my model for a Pikachu Romper I'm working on that I had taken off the night before to take in.  

I had a great time working on this pony and I really can't wait to make another one! Already cut the pieces out this time I'm using some interfacing.  I'm working with some Purple cuddleplush so maybe I'll try to put together an Operetta?

Operetta Pony by ~dead-kittens3 on deviantART

In the meantime, here is some of my favorite Draculaura pony art on DA. 

Draculaura Pony by ~RemixPop122 on deviantART
Draculaura Pony by ~dead-kittens3 on deviantART
Pinkielaura 1 by ~enchantress41580 on deviantART
Draculaura by ~assassin-kitty on deviantART

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ursula At Fanime2012

So finally, I was able to attend a convention with a semi spectacular costume to show off. It's been a while since I've had Disney's Ursula on my Cos-Wishlist and I'm so glad that I was able to finally take it out for a run. It wasn't completely finished and there were a lot of things I noticed that really needed some fixing after wearing it out, but I had fun.

I only wish that I hadn't been so tiered. Oh life and it's curiosities that keep me busy, stressed and drained. Like seriously I think I just need to take a week to sleep.

My birthday was on Wednesday and I spent all day going on outings, shopping, dinner, drinks,  movies... I had an amazing day, but I was so tiered come the next day and I didn't fully recover, having to stay up late styling my wig, doing the last bit of hand sewing and trying to practice doing makeup with insane long nails.
I think I can go on and on about why I found myself lacking energy throughout the con, but I'm just going to end it with "I feel really old". I found myself thinking, "Really? I usto do this all weekend?" Honestly if it wasn't for Carla Ariel, I might not of dressed up at all. I'm more motivated when I have a cos-buddy.

I started Ursula in 09. A year later I finally sewed it together and had this tentacle dress- though I was never really happy with it, lost the motivation, ya know...

Later I put together a quick Vanessa for a cos- meet up I ended up going to.  

When I decided that I'd be going to Fanime for sure this year, and Carla told me she was dressing as Ariel, I was inspired to try to do something with that Ursula costume I had - but after giving it some thought I just decided to start over.
I wanted to make my tentacles thicker and lighter. Having them originally stuffed with that normal batting fiberfill stuff they were incredibly heavy. After being inspired by another tentacle cosplay, I went and stuffed my new thicker tentacles with tulle - though it did make them much lighter, it didn't really work out for me. I used over 200 yrds of tulle and still some of my tentacles need more stuffing. I didn't get a chance to do anything about it for the convention, but in the future, I plan to fill them up with bean bag stuffing as well as tulle. So yes, that means going back and restuffing them, possibly even starting over with the tentacles as I'm still not quite happy with the shape of them. I can't really complain though, I didn't plan out or use a pattern and didn't take my time at all with the cutting. None of them are exactly the same, in fact they are quite random. I did add some wire to a few of the tentacles thinking it would make them somewhat posable, at first I thought it would work, but after stuffing them all the way I realized that 16gauge just wasn't thick enough to really help make them posable and that's all I had on hand.

There is quite a bit of things I learned from wearing this out. I need to figure out a way to make it easier to walk. It was very difficult. I'm so thankful that I had friends to help me carry my tentacles. Originally I was thinking of putting them on some kind of fish line just to make it easier for me to pick all my tentacles up when I walk and that way they won't get so dirty. They are in need of a good wash right now. =/
I'll probably work something like that out when I revamp this thing.
I also want to make myself some tentacle pants. I really like the dress with petticoat because it really makes it look big, but the tentacles too often were displacing the hoop underneath and really it just got annoying. I think tentacle pants would make this much easier - and with the tentacles stuffed all the way, I think it'll still look pretty nice and big even without the hoop skirt.
We shall see. I'm probably wearing this around all of October, so hopefully by then I've made some improvements. I'll definitely be wearing it again next summer.

I was quite proud of my wig attempt, I was really frustrated with it for a while - mostly because I didn't have the patience to sit there and style it like I really wanted. I was also bummed that I waited till the last min to try to get some white extensions and couldn't find any locally so I ended up using some purple instead. But in the end I think it looked pretty nice.  By the end of the day though, it was coming apart in the back and later on I ended up combing it out, I'm not really sure what I was thinking, but needless to say I'll have to restyle it.

I also think I did a pretty decent job on the paint, I actually think I did a better job when I was practicing so I was really bummed out the day of the debut because I felt like I totally failed. However, everyone's super nice compliments at the con really made me feel much better. So Thank you to all who took the time to take a picture (especially because I didn't take any) and who passed along such kind words on my work.

I really liked my nails, and was incredibly surprised at how much I was able to get done because I thought I wasn't going to be able to do anything. I'm just not a nail girl but I went out and got a full set just for Ursula.
I thought I'd be able to hang on to them after the con, but soon as I got home, I was annoyed trying to do housework with the long nails, I went ahead and clipped them down. I was going to go back to the salon to get them taken off, but I just started picking at them until they all just fell off.

It took me so long to get into it and I only wore it around for a few hours, but boy was I drained, and didn't even realize I was so dehydrated. I later suffered from an incredibly painful leg cramp.
Thanks to my buddy Tim and his roomates who were able to help me work it out! I <3 you guys! Seriously! I don't know what I would of done if this happened and I was anywhere else. Probably just cry and cry and cry.

I really hope I can get more photoshoots of this costume in the future. Especially one at the beach!
<3 <3

I had a pretty good time at Fanime, I wish that I could of hung out more with some of my cos-buddies, it's not like I see you guys often - but everyone was so busy being amazing in costume and I was amazed at how much free time I had out of costume. It's too bad I didn't feel like investing in a badge otherwize I would of attended some of the panels.  xD
I am super grateful to those who lent me their badge! Tim! And Alison. YOu guys!! Are the best! Though I only used it to go spend money.
I ended up spending quite a bit in the artist alley and dealers room.
I got some pretty neat art I can't wait to frame and put up in my lil' girls room, I also got some pretty amazing Tentacle faux gauge earnings that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! A pretty fun pink pompom hat! Gloomy plushies and really my first collectors action figure. I bought a posable chunLI! That I also love love love!!!

In the end I had a pretty expensive Birthday week, and a million thanks to my super amazing Husband for making it happen!