Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Today we celebrate our three year anniversary, I'm not really sure what we will be doing as of yet, but we'll be celebrating throughout the weekend. Rich has a date with Court this morning, then he has to do some work.
So I'm hoping to have a nice dinner, some beer steak, grilled asparagus, and twice baked potatoes.
I'm not much of a 'cook' at all so we'll see how it goes. heh.  It might be a disaster, I looked over some recipes earlier in the week though and it seems pretty basic.. then again, sometimes I can't even make a good bowl of Ramen.  No joke. LOL

I think I came a way up from my terrible valentine.
I really wanted to get romantic and sweet with what I wanted to make for Rich this time around.
I was inspired by this art I came across on Etsy.

Source: via Analuz on Pinterest

I thought it was just the sweetest! And I had been wanting to do a melted crayon art, so I did!
And I think it's quite awesome.
I did do some trial and error, my first melted art attempt was terrible with the blowdryer.  I'll tell you about that a lil later. (read about it here)

This time around I used a heat gun which worked much better and was faster.

I just loved how it melted. The colors are really so nice, it was hard to get a good picture with my phone, and I still don't have a working camera. T_T


I used some tape to try to keep the paint clear of the spot where I wanted to put my silhouette. Though some of the melted crayon still snuck in at the top. It's hard to get anything to stick to canvas. I don't know how some people have been doing resistance canvas work with stickers.

I took one of my favorite wedding photos

and made a silhouette out of it, and added an umbrella.


I was just soooo in love with the finished piece. Just LOVE! <3
I can't wait till he sees it. I hope he loves it as much.


On the back of the canvas I glued a lil envelope that says something along the lines of Loving Him through rain  or shine. <3

I also took the coordinates from the place we went hiking to (Enchanted Rock) right after we got married, and wrote it on a scrap of one of his old belts that I loved wearing. I mostly did this because I wanted to incorporate a bit of tradition with the leather gifts being what has been given in the past at the 3yr mark.


I found this pic in my wedding album and just cracked up. What are we doing!? LOL

Happy Anniversary Honey! I love you.


  1. I would like to make one of these but I am not as artistic I suppose. How did you make a silhouette out of a picture! Thanks

    1. Hi there, It's really not too hard and definitly worth a try.
      I pretty much just made the silhouette by tracing the outline of the picture. I did this by holding the picture up to a light, and tracing it on contact paper (printed side of the contact paper - or non sticky side of contact paper facing the image). This made the image flip - so I had a reversed picture of the original after I cut it out. Afterwards I placed it on a black card stock background and we are back to the original facing image.
      I hope that makes sense?
      I might try making a tutorial later on, but here's one that shows you how to make some portrait silhouettes. It's pretty much the same concept.

  2. Where do you get the black umbrella art?