Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DIY custom switch cover

I really love Mod Podge, I could use it for everything literally!
I've been doing super quick and cheap Mod Podge projects I just wanted to share one of them.

Here is a super quick project of the hour: Customizing those boring light switch covers!

It's super simple, super cheap and quite fun!
Here's what you'll need:
* Mod Podge
* paintbrush (though it would be better to use a sponge brush, it won't leave as many streaks)
* cheap o light switch covers. (I think it's better to go with the 'oversized ones' they are a few pennies more 54Cents at walmart)
*Exacto knife or box cutter
* Your favorite pictures printed on paper.
*Optional, Acrylic paint (if you really want to match up the color of the screws to your photo - I didn't, that be wayyy too much work. ^_~)


Getting started:

After you gather all your supplies, it's simple. Set up a work station, cover your switch covers in mod podge then carefully place your image over it.
It would be best you test out how you want the image to lay on the cover or you'll end up with the switch in an awkward place. Like my Frankiestein. LOL


You can hold it up to the light to better eyeball it, or you can punch out the screw holes once you decide on a good spot to help guide you.

The more generously you apply mod podge to the cover the more forgiving it will be if you need to move your image to adjust it once you've applied it to the plate.
I wasn't very generous with my mod podge and some of my covers ended up with folds in the paper that I couldn't adjust.


Let it dry for about 20min, then cut back the image to the edge of the cover or you can leave a bit of extra to fold back into the frame. You'll get cleaner corners if you fold as opposed to cutting right on the edge.

Then, Mod Podge over the paper image.
Apply a good amount, let dry. Afterwards take your exacto knife (DONT USE a blunt blade or it'll eat up the edges as you can probably tell) and cut out the light switch square and punch out the screw holes (if you haven't already) and repeat the mod podge painting over the image at least one more time.
I didn't have any on hand, but I'd totally go with the "hard coat" mod podge if I had some.


After they are completely dry replace those boring covers!
I'd let them dry for at least an hour (maybe even two), or you might warp the image when screwing it in place. Either way I'd be careful not to tighten it so much when adding the screws.
Speaking of drying, I'd let those images you printed dry for at least an hour as well otherwize the colors will bleed when adding the mod podge over the image.

I still haven't purfected it, but I have a few more light switches to cover and really for less than $1 I might replace them again when I get tiered of what I put up.

So what are you waiting for?!
Go print your favorite images n get started!

Thanks for reading! <3


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