Monday, February 13, 2012

Sweet Valentine, Anti-Valentine

Happy unimaginative, consumerist oriented and entirely arbitrary, manipulative and shallow interpretation of romance day!

My husband is not the most romantic guy out there, and being that I have been entierly hooked on Pinterest, I came across this:

And I was just so inspired. I thought it was purfect for my guy who only seems to do the things that are anything but sweet, has never bought me any flowers, or left behind a romantic note, ONLY buys the Valentine day chocolate when it's over 50% off after the holiday. LOL -
He bought so many last year, there is still some in the pantry.
I'm like, "are those for me or you?"
"they are for both of us babe"
Isn't that sweet?
I didn't eat any of those chocolates, because out of all the boxes he bought he didn't get one that had anything I liked.

I don't doubt that my husband loves me as passionately as he can, but this year I decided to go Anti-Valentine with the crafts and well this is what I got :

My 2 yr old and I painted this cardboard box, then I bedazzled it to say what it says above- though it's hard to read out - I made sure you could read the 'asshole' part by reiterating again on the bottom half of the box.

Broken Valentine

I'm thinking, for sure, he'd get a kick out of it. THEN I got a more genius idea.
I found this super hilarious heart shaped pillow on Deviant art

Anti Romantic Valentine by =Chihuahua-Yip on deviantART

and thought - "OH! That's what needs to go inside",
so I made him a tiny heart keychain that quotes it.

Well maybe it wasn't' my best idea, and maybe it was just the wrong time to give such gag gifts, given that we've kinda been in a bad place for a few months, so we've already been surrounded by so much negativity. OK, it was a TERRIBLE idea, because my husband really didn't think it was funny. =/ Oops.
He actually told me it was mean, I was baffled and I'm sure I had the most dorky looking face on with a goofy half as smile because I still thought it was kinda funny. Gosh I'm a terrible Wife. The worse.
Though I hung the key chain on his work bag last night, wonder if it'll still be on there when he gets home.
I am so terribly evil.

Tomorrow will be a brighter day for him, because I did help Gweni make some Sweet crafts for her papa.
She made him a ladybug key chain
valentine and Anti Valentine`

and some super adorable art work inspired by floating ideas on pinterest.

Papa love

That's gota make up for my rotten valentine.

That's all I got, some valentine day Dos and Donts.
Thanks for reading.


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  1. I thought it was a great idea. He's a poopy head for not laughing. XD