Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Getting back into the crafting groove - thanks pinterest.

I've been all out of order the past few months in a living situation that was nothing but stress, putting me in a creative block. Alas, things are finally starting to look up now that we are in a new place and the crafty fun is starting to come back to me as we settle in.

The new place has some eye sore cabinets. Oh man, they really need an upgrade. But I got a lil creative here with some contact paper and silhouettes, inspired by these ideas I pinned on pinterest:

I didn't find any cool black or white contact paper, which is what I really wanted for the silhouettes, but this printed contact paper wasn't too bad.


WE've been here for a week and I've done a few, though I still plan on doing a bit more because I think it looks really cool and nicer than just those plain cabinets.


I really like the lady with the cookbook and the spoon in the back there.
(BTW I stole these images off a google search and traced them onto the contact paper)
It looks a lot nicer in real life, my phone wouldn't really get a good picture of it, and I'm still out of my SLR. T_T

One of the things I wanted to try right away was the magnetic makeup board. We have a really small bathroom sink so I was really thrilled to get this started.

 WE had this cookie sheet that had been burned so bad by one of my husbands guests, so I was thrilled to be able to give it a new use.


I could use a few more magnets and I could of probably done a better job.... at least I used primer. XD


So it's not as fancy as I had imagined, but it was quick, easy and convenient. I no longer have to go digging through the bottom of the cabinet to find what I need. Sweet!

WEll that's what I've been up to lately, next time I might have more interesting things to tell.

Thanks for reading!


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