Friday, June 17, 2011

Quick Hotglue Wig for your dolls

Hello hello!

I've been a bit M.I.A. with the blog... This is only my second one this year. heh.
I've been real busy with projects - so many in fact that I've fallen behind.
I've recently caught up enough to where I took the time to document some of my crafty adventures. Plus I found one of my video making cameras and it's so much faster to just V-blog.
However I end up forgetting what it is I was going to talk about, so I repeat myself alot, talk about alot of pointless things.. and.. use the filler "ummmm" wayyy to many times.

I've been wanting to post some patterns for dolls and some DIYs - hopefully I will get some more time soon.
I just have one more major project to finish -, and then I'll have a bit more free time.

In the mean time enjoy this really quick and incredibly too long video on how to make a hotglue wig for your dolls.