Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yarn wigs and BJD Swaps

I recently ordered my first ABJD and I've been so thrilled I don't even know where to start as far as making her some clothes.
I'm fairly new to sewing doll clothes, (I staretd with MH this summer) but being as how I have some sewing background I think I do a decent job, so I went a lil crazy and joined a few swaps on DoA.
I'm even hosting my own right now (Gloomy Bear themed) which I'm reallly thrilled for.
So why am I joining all these swaps instead of making my own doll clothes you might wonder, well It's just more fun this way. I also find it a little hard to be inspired without having her here to play with. AND I can always make myself doll clothes, but I might not always have the chance to be able to trade with someone from another country, with different fashion ideas or best of all someone with ten times my experience level.
Of course there's always the chance of getting a 'waaaap wwwaaaa waaaap' not so great item, but I think if there's obvious effort put into it and good thoughts on their end we don't really need to go there. I'm not purfect either.

These swaps have really modivated me to try different things. Every swap I've done so far I've made something I've never made before. And I loved the end results so much I didn't even want to send them out. That's how I know they are good gifts, I just hope my partners feel the same. xD
I'm keeping a photo log of all the things I've made on my flickr.
Since I've noticed some people don't take or post pictures of the gifts they get.
And I like them so much I need to have some photoproof. XD

For the X-mas swap I just finished, I really loved the items.
I spent a great deal of time on them, especially the yarn wig I made. The only thing on my partners wish list was a wig and I can't really afford to spend money, so I decided to try out this Yarn wig Tutorial I found on Flickr.
I didn't follow it completley, and used an amigurumi method for the base cap, but basically that's how it can be done.
I am sooo happy with it, I love it love it love it.

I took some pictures along the progress.

After I crochet my cap I was a little discouraged adding that one string of "hair" OMG this is going to take forever, that's what I was thinking.
(I used a latchhook method with a crochet hook.)

But surprisingly, 30 min later I had hair all around the cap. At least it only felt like 30min.

I used Diegos head for sizing, who has a head circumference of ~22cm. Similar to my Swap partner's doll.
This is after getting hair all around the cap.

Side view:

Side back:

I was starting to run low on yarn so that is actually all the latchooking I did.
I used the rest of the yarn to create a good size weft to cover the rest of the head.
This is after the weft is sewen on:


Covers it all up in the back~


I sewed the part more to the side:


Then I decided I wanted to add a bit of "gothic" and made some dreads.





It's so wonderful and I loved it so much,
I had to try it on my OC Catz~
before I packed it up. XD
She loved it. Of course it's huge on her. I aimed for roughly a knee length dress.


See more photos at my Flickr

I can't wait for my partner to get it!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Omg, im really impressed with this wig! SELL THEM ON ETSY! or on DOA.