Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sewing for a souldoll I don't have.... yet.

Since I've been more active with the doll hobby and my obsession of MH I got to thinking I really want to get a ABJD. I started looking around in Aug and I've really come to fall in love with souldolls. I just love their looks. I want my first BJD to be a female SD and I've come to the mindset that I will be getting Souldoll Chantal sometime in the spring (hopefully) - that's if I got enough commission/Etsy work in by then to afford her.

I've been so eager to make her some doll clothes! I just wish I had her now. I've got a name for her as well, She'll be named Selina Kyle after my favorite Feline and second choice name for my daughter. It wasn't quite right for my daughter, but it's purfect for my first BJD. I'm also starting to write her a personality journal. I'm soooo excited for this doll you have no idea. ^_~

I'm not sure how good I am at making doll clothes just going by her measurements, so I decided to try to sculpt myself a dressform out of some air dry clay I've had sitting in the craft closet for a while.
Trying to make it from scratch didn't work out too well. So I go the idea to use a fibre craftdoll body as a base. After a few min I had what I now call "Diego" My SD wanabe BJD dressform.



While it was drying it expanded about half a CM, but the measurements are pretty close so I think that I have a good model idea. NOt sure about torso length though.
I am looking for someone to trade me a female SD duck-tape dressform in exchange for some outfits made by me using the form, but I've had no one interested so far.

I decided to give it a try and use the form to help me re-purpose one of my favorite dresses that my daughter no longer fits into.
I didn't use a pattern, I just kinda cut and sew and it turned out nothing like I had in mind.

Looks more like a nighty.
I dont know maybe it'll actually look cute on Selina herself. lol
Diego doesn't really pull it off. lololol

I also took one of Gwendolyn's onesies and made a scrunched tanktop, I think it's super cute. and it was super simple.

Again Diego doesn't pull it off and he looks wayy too busty.
I guess that's cuz he is. lol

Now I'm working on a MOD Jumper from an actual pattern I rezied using the doll's measurements.
Hope it comes out prettty cute! XD

Thanks for reading-

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