Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pattern Drafting for dolls.

Lately in my spare time I"ve been trying to draft patterns for doll clothes.
Mostly for Monster HIgh dolls, but also just drafting. Trying to get practice in.
There's no tecnicallity to how I do it,
you can view my Monster High blog and read about the Body suit pattern I did for my monster high gotham girls. I'm actually having the pattern tested by a few flickr friends to see if I can do this and maybe post them up for sale on my etsy if I can make it to where other people can use the patterns I draw.

So I"ve been doing some other drafting and testing, but so far it's been kinda fail. It could also be that I'm just rushing on them since I have a bajillion projects I want to do not to mention commissions I still have to finish. I really need to cut down on my side projects.

This is Roxanne. She is a little pet shop blythe un-minied with a 21cm obitsu body.
The skin tone doesn't really match but I have this extra Obitsu body around and haven't found a goog match for it yet. I like it on my mini - for now.


My husband is sooo funny, I was thinking of what I wanted to make for her and being too late at night I decided to sleep on it.
I left her like this on my sewing machine. HE woke up in the middle of the night for water and being that the only light was coming from the sewing machine he was like WTF> next morning he jokingly says, "you need to stop leaving your seductive dolls everywhere"

Next morning Gwen was a handfull, she's gettin in her first tooth and she's been hanging on me like I'm some cure for her pain. I guess I kinda am. ^_^
When I got a break (nap time) I quickly tried to put my idea down on paper.
I wanted a caplet made out of faux fur and a retro sorta rokabilly dress.
I have a capelet pattern I had drawn before but I wanted one where she can wrap around and her arms can come through the capelet instead of underneath.
I used this as a reference.

This is my drawn pattern

I think I can get it to work, but not with Faux fur like this, at least not at such a tiny scale.

Maybe for a bigger doll like Moxie Teen, or bigger yet. I can't wait to get my SD. I'm thinking a Souldoll for sure.

Anyhow she turned out looking more like where the wild things are. LOL


She's like 'Time out, what the heck am I wearing?!'

Then I tried the dress, drew myself a pattern

Tested it:

and yeah, that looks nothing like I had planned.
Especially since I tuck/pleated instead of gathering and the skirt just looks like poop. The top needs some ajustments as well, the sleeves turned out way to small, and the top was kinda loose.
I didn't bother hemming any of it since it was just a test run.

Whoo my fail outfit, it's kinda cute. =p

So later on I tried the dress pattern again, with an outgrown Gweni dress that I just love.
It worked out a bit better, but I made the top differently, with sewn in sleeves instead. The fabric was a pain to work with on a tiny scale, fell apart easily.
It's lovely though, the ruffling was already in place since I used the bottom part of the dress. Yay for re-purposing clothes!

'This thing again' That's what Roxanne is thinking.

Ok so loose the 'capelet' lol


Super cute!

When I get more time to just sit and draft, I think I can do something better.
Practice Practice Practice!
Thanks for reading.

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