Friday, October 29, 2010

I think it's time for a field trip.

All Aboard the magic school bus! XD
So a while back I had bought Gweni this dinosaur (which kinda looks more like a dino with a frog head. XD) when costumes where on sale, and since I had found some super funky print that I thought would be purfect for Frizzle I bought it thinking I would do some modifications and have Lizzy.
But seeeing as how it's Halloween weekend and I'm super crunched for time not to mention all the distractions I fall into, I just managed to get away with a few hours to make my Frizzle dress. It took about four hours.
I used this vintage pattern that probably wasnt' the best pattern to use for her dress, but when I bought the fabric I coudln't get all the yardage I wanted so this pattern called for less fabric and I squeezed the pattern onto what I had.

I started last night after Gwen fell asleep, but I couldn't finish since she woke up crying in pain, she had a tummy ache and tooth ache and who knows what else and she just had to have her mama. This morning while she was eating and having her playtime on her own I finished up the dress.
The hardest part was the dang white collar insert. I wanted to do it the way the pattern called for, part of the reason why I picked this pattern is because the collar was pretty close to what I needed, but being tiered, impatient, and in a hurry I just couldn't understand the pattern directions. I always have to read them over and over before it makes sence, why is it that the pattern directions are so hard to follow. Does anyone else think this? XD
I threw the directions to the side since they were just confusing me and just decided to wing it.

In the end I think I did pretty decent. I should of used white thread, but I didn't feel like diging into my creative closet as it's a mess right now. And in the back of my mind I had already told myself I was going to remake the collar part.
So I didn't even add buttonholes, I just glued buttons on and called it done.
I also didn't style the wig, big whoop. XD But I did a superglue wonder and made myself FRizzle shoes! Which I just love!


I had a heck of a lot of fun downtown today and so did GWen, Especially when we got to the park. It's too bad I ran the battery out. I need to remember to charge my camera more often.
I tried taking a few pictures myself, but self time, and GWeni = not the best pics. XD





This is the best pic I got of both of us today!

Happy Halloweeeeen everyone!
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pattern Drafting for dolls.

Lately in my spare time I"ve been trying to draft patterns for doll clothes.
Mostly for Monster HIgh dolls, but also just drafting. Trying to get practice in.
There's no tecnicallity to how I do it,
you can view my Monster High blog and read about the Body suit pattern I did for my monster high gotham girls. I'm actually having the pattern tested by a few flickr friends to see if I can do this and maybe post them up for sale on my etsy if I can make it to where other people can use the patterns I draw.

So I"ve been doing some other drafting and testing, but so far it's been kinda fail. It could also be that I'm just rushing on them since I have a bajillion projects I want to do not to mention commissions I still have to finish. I really need to cut down on my side projects.

This is Roxanne. She is a little pet shop blythe un-minied with a 21cm obitsu body.
The skin tone doesn't really match but I have this extra Obitsu body around and haven't found a goog match for it yet. I like it on my mini - for now.


My husband is sooo funny, I was thinking of what I wanted to make for her and being too late at night I decided to sleep on it.
I left her like this on my sewing machine. HE woke up in the middle of the night for water and being that the only light was coming from the sewing machine he was like WTF> next morning he jokingly says, "you need to stop leaving your seductive dolls everywhere"

Next morning Gwen was a handfull, she's gettin in her first tooth and she's been hanging on me like I'm some cure for her pain. I guess I kinda am. ^_^
When I got a break (nap time) I quickly tried to put my idea down on paper.
I wanted a caplet made out of faux fur and a retro sorta rokabilly dress.
I have a capelet pattern I had drawn before but I wanted one where she can wrap around and her arms can come through the capelet instead of underneath.
I used this as a reference.

This is my drawn pattern

I think I can get it to work, but not with Faux fur like this, at least not at such a tiny scale.

Maybe for a bigger doll like Moxie Teen, or bigger yet. I can't wait to get my SD. I'm thinking a Souldoll for sure.

Anyhow she turned out looking more like where the wild things are. LOL


She's like 'Time out, what the heck am I wearing?!'

Then I tried the dress, drew myself a pattern

Tested it:

and yeah, that looks nothing like I had planned.
Especially since I tuck/pleated instead of gathering and the skirt just looks like poop. The top needs some ajustments as well, the sleeves turned out way to small, and the top was kinda loose.
I didn't bother hemming any of it since it was just a test run.

Whoo my fail outfit, it's kinda cute. =p

So later on I tried the dress pattern again, with an outgrown Gweni dress that I just love.
It worked out a bit better, but I made the top differently, with sewn in sleeves instead. The fabric was a pain to work with on a tiny scale, fell apart easily.
It's lovely though, the ruffling was already in place since I used the bottom part of the dress. Yay for re-purposing clothes!

'This thing again' That's what Roxanne is thinking.

Ok so loose the 'capelet' lol


Super cute!

When I get more time to just sit and draft, I think I can do something better.
Practice Practice Practice!
Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mini Pullip custom gone wrong.

My Only Pullip doll is now almost garbage.

****BEFORE YOU READ on: YOu should know that I'm new at this custom thing, not that you really need to know, but I've recently been getting some rude comments about needing to "try harder" with my custom dolls, well If you don't have anything to share to help me better my work, then don't bother sharing. I don't care to hear your negative thoughts, I am rather fond of my POORLY CUSTOM DOLLS! K Thanks. ****

I've been trying to get a pullip doll in my collection, but with trying to keep a tight budget I've yet to get one.
I did win a bid on ebay though for this mini pullip which I thought I got a deal out of at $5. =D

I rewiged her and made her some clothes and then I wanted to make her another wig, so I was going to pull off the one I made but since it was hot glued on, it took a bit of tugging and I ended up just snapping her little neck.

So then I got this idea to give her a new body. I used a Juku Couture Jun body for her since it's the closet body I had to match even though her skin color didn't match too well.
AFter snapping off the top clip on the neck joint it fit in place nicely. Only problem was she had a awkwardly long neck. So I got this idea to try to make her neck hole bigger by using a hot knife and melting the edges around till it was wide enough to fit the Juku body neck.
Unfortunately this experiment went hayward and yeah I don't really know what I was doing and thinking about it now it just wouldn't work because I don't know how the head would hold onto the neck since it wouldn't be connected to the joint. Not only that but I ended up melting the tube where the screw for her head goes in so It wouldn't of been able to be screwed back together. I needed a smaller knife, or a smaller tool to use to melt the plastic. If I try this again and I probably will since mini Pullips are much cheaper, I think I'm going to try to mess with the body neck instead. Try to make that shorter - I just don't know how I would do it without messing up the neck joint. I'll have to play around with it.


IN the end, I tried salvaging her, glued her head together, glued her wig back on, gave her some makeup and stuffed her head with PUtty. At first I thought the putty would hold the head nicely without having to glue it so I can still move her head around but won't just fall off. After using a whole egg of silly putty, it didn't work to well. So now she's got a head full of putty.
I added some silicone sealer and after drying it works nicely. It's flexible enough to move her head around (If I pulled hard enough it would probably come off) but it also doesn't just fall off.
I like her, She's super cute!

AFter my attempt at some makeup:
I actually went on the "extreme" make up route as I ended up messing up with my shaky hands, but I like how it worked.


NOw I want to make her some clothes.

And find a new body for Jun. XD