Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ursula's Vanessa~

Whoo whoo!
I've been wanting to do an Ursula costume since the beginning of time! ~ ok not really, but since I started "getting serious" (LOL) about costuming, and I came up with this Uber LONG list of costumes I wanted to make, this one was one on the top. However I keep topping my costumes plans with other costume ideas and before long this ONE is lost in the list.
Finally yrs later, I'm glad I got to it! MOstly because I realized I had fabrics to make it happen.
So maybe the colors aren't all that purfect, but it's ok.
I didnt take many progress pictures because I made this pretty quick, took a couple of days, really weeks, but's that's only because I worked on it for like 20 min every few days, If I add up all the man hours maybe it took me 4 or 5 hrs. Which is quick for me, I mean I gota a seven month old I have to chase after, sometimes while sewing. I squeezed it in between my commissions and really just 'whatevered' it. I didn't use a pattern for the skirt so I just guessed and first time around it didn't turn out with as much flare as I'd like, it was more of like a straight skirt so it sucked. Then I added some side panels but again just some guess work, and It's not really what I had in mind. It works though so I'm happy with it, especially for how quick and carelessly I threw it together. I used black thread to sew the light blue skirt together cuz I just didn't care, and some hot pink buttons for closure. ha! Good thing you don't see that part. lol

The bodice I used the top pattern to this princess outfit I had, originally I wanted to make it a one piece dress like the patten called, but I didn't have enough fabric to trace out the patterns of the skirt so that's why I just winged it. After seeing it sewed together it just didn't work.
Many thanks to Vanessa Walton for sharing her construction details of her Vanessa dress commission it really helped me out!

It made more sence to make the dress a two piece so that is what I did. Eventually I want to remake with more care and patience, It barely worked as a two piece with what I already had. I found some piping to use for the bottom of the bodice which gives it an extra nice look I think. So I was happy with that.
I didn't have any ribbons though, so I just used bias tape for the top of the bodice and I also don't have a zipper... yet. I plan on adding one, I just need to make a run to JOanns.
So the bodice right now fits me kinda big, I think that will easily be fixed though once I add the zipper.
I'm hoping I can add it for this coming weekend for a cosplay gathering in SF,
If not I'll just wear it like it is. It works, (I THINK) it just kinda makes me look a little bigger than I am. =p
(I've still got about 20lbs I'd like to loose.)

EDIT:** I added a zipper to the bodice but it still fits me loose, I need to take in the darts, for the remake I think more of a corset bodice would work best.

ONce I get more pics up you can view them here:


I've also been working on Tentacles version of Ursula, but I'm out of fabric and I'm not sure when I'll get to buy some.



Maybe by the end of the year!

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