Thursday, August 26, 2010

Monster High OC Custom Doll

I recently discovered the art of doll customization, restoration and repaint. I have a couple of plain Jane dolls hanging around (because I've always liked collecting dolls and clearance dolls are a weekness) I originally got it in my head that I was going to make some custom Lady Gaga Barbies. (I will still eventually do this)
While this idea sat in the back burner of my mind and I became more and more excited about my newest obsession with Monster High I decided to try and make my original character. This is my first and very quick attempt at making a custom doll for my Monster High OC.

I've just been way too excited with my character and story line and getting a visual in mind. I did a quick art you can view Here

and This is my OC Bio: (check it out )

The art of repaint is really AMAZING, and I by far don't do this any justice.
I don't have the right paints, brushes, skill, knowledge or patience right now to really get it to look just like or better than a manufactured print.

I found this repaint artist while doing a quick search on google one day and OMG! I want a few grand so I can afford one of these dolls! Orlando Bloom! I want it! SO BAD.. XD

I'll be making another doll in the future with better care for my OC, this is was my quick test run. I'll be using this doll to experiment with rooting as well later on. Since my OC has silver and blue hair. I want to incorporate that into the next doll, or maybe do some wig making instead as rooting seems really a challenge especially with taking off the neck. I tried it without any care, just trying to wiggle it off and needless to say I broke the Neck..
which I knew would happen anyway because I read about it but I had to see for myself. LOL
Here she is ready to be made over.


and here is her body paint -


I had to give her a bajillion layers and I got some paint chipped of in a few places.
I definitely want to look into the best kind of paint to use for painting dolls.
I sealed with a pain sealer, but she still flaked at the joints.

Now the face repaint was more of a challenge than I imagined, the paints I had were just too runny or maybe it was just my not so small paintbrushes. I mean I always thought those brushes were small, but definitely not small enough or sturdy enough, a hard paint tip would of been purfect to draw the outline of the face.
So I went ghetto and used some sharpies for shape. I had hecka fun doing this and when I have more time I will experiment with better care.

MH OC Catzi Doll by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

I really do like it though. I think she's alright for a first and a quickie and her unperfect looks kinda just goes with the whole monster thing anyhow.

Catzi Lerellla OC Doll by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

Monster CATzi by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

She fits right in by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

BFFs by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

Clothes I used from BArbie Fashionista line which BTW is also really amazing!
I'm going to stock up on those to use as bases they are BJD! LOVE IT!

WEll this is my prototype doll.
I'm also hoping to write up a story line for her I'm excited to do that.

Thanks for reading!


  1. This doll is cool but she kinda mimics Lagoona Blue

  2. I think it's good...for a barbie but not great

  3. Good custom... just freaked out by the lack of eyes.
    (I am new, you DEFINETELY wont know who I am)
    I had a plain Liv so I painted her deathly skin to brighten it up a bit and gave her blush and lipstick. I used water colour paints out of tesco and a cheapo brush, which I am not sure I am supposed to but whatevs!
    I am planning to get a MH so I can do a custom.. I will be crap at it, and I will need to dig out the onlt bottle of Mr Super Clear sealent in England but wtf?
    Smell ya'll later