Thursday, August 26, 2010

Monster High OC Custom Doll

I recently discovered the art of doll customization, restoration and repaint. I have a couple of plain Jane dolls hanging around (because I've always liked collecting dolls and clearance dolls are a weekness) I originally got it in my head that I was going to make some custom Lady Gaga Barbies. (I will still eventually do this)
While this idea sat in the back burner of my mind and I became more and more excited about my newest obsession with Monster High I decided to try and make my original character. This is my first and very quick attempt at making a custom doll for my Monster High OC.

I've just been way too excited with my character and story line and getting a visual in mind. I did a quick art you can view Here

and This is my OC Bio: (check it out )

The art of repaint is really AMAZING, and I by far don't do this any justice.
I don't have the right paints, brushes, skill, knowledge or patience right now to really get it to look just like or better than a manufactured print.

I found this repaint artist while doing a quick search on google one day and OMG! I want a few grand so I can afford one of these dolls! Orlando Bloom! I want it! SO BAD.. XD

I'll be making another doll in the future with better care for my OC, this is was my quick test run. I'll be using this doll to experiment with rooting as well later on. Since my OC has silver and blue hair. I want to incorporate that into the next doll, or maybe do some wig making instead as rooting seems really a challenge especially with taking off the neck. I tried it without any care, just trying to wiggle it off and needless to say I broke the Neck..
which I knew would happen anyway because I read about it but I had to see for myself. LOL
Here she is ready to be made over.


and here is her body paint -


I had to give her a bajillion layers and I got some paint chipped of in a few places.
I definitely want to look into the best kind of paint to use for painting dolls.
I sealed with a pain sealer, but she still flaked at the joints.

Now the face repaint was more of a challenge than I imagined, the paints I had were just too runny or maybe it was just my not so small paintbrushes. I mean I always thought those brushes were small, but definitely not small enough or sturdy enough, a hard paint tip would of been purfect to draw the outline of the face.
So I went ghetto and used some sharpies for shape. I had hecka fun doing this and when I have more time I will experiment with better care.

MH OC Catzi Doll by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

I really do like it though. I think she's alright for a first and a quickie and her unperfect looks kinda just goes with the whole monster thing anyhow.

Catzi Lerellla OC Doll by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

Monster CATzi by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

She fits right in by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

BFFs by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

Clothes I used from BArbie Fashionista line which BTW is also really amazing!
I'm going to stock up on those to use as bases they are BJD! LOVE IT!

WEll this is my prototype doll.
I'm also hoping to write up a story line for her I'm excited to do that.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ursula's Vanessa~

Whoo whoo!
I've been wanting to do an Ursula costume since the beginning of time! ~ ok not really, but since I started "getting serious" (LOL) about costuming, and I came up with this Uber LONG list of costumes I wanted to make, this one was one on the top. However I keep topping my costumes plans with other costume ideas and before long this ONE is lost in the list.
Finally yrs later, I'm glad I got to it! MOstly because I realized I had fabrics to make it happen.
So maybe the colors aren't all that purfect, but it's ok.
I didnt take many progress pictures because I made this pretty quick, took a couple of days, really weeks, but's that's only because I worked on it for like 20 min every few days, If I add up all the man hours maybe it took me 4 or 5 hrs. Which is quick for me, I mean I gota a seven month old I have to chase after, sometimes while sewing. I squeezed it in between my commissions and really just 'whatevered' it. I didn't use a pattern for the skirt so I just guessed and first time around it didn't turn out with as much flare as I'd like, it was more of like a straight skirt so it sucked. Then I added some side panels but again just some guess work, and It's not really what I had in mind. It works though so I'm happy with it, especially for how quick and carelessly I threw it together. I used black thread to sew the light blue skirt together cuz I just didn't care, and some hot pink buttons for closure. ha! Good thing you don't see that part. lol

The bodice I used the top pattern to this princess outfit I had, originally I wanted to make it a one piece dress like the patten called, but I didn't have enough fabric to trace out the patterns of the skirt so that's why I just winged it. After seeing it sewed together it just didn't work.
Many thanks to Vanessa Walton for sharing her construction details of her Vanessa dress commission it really helped me out!

It made more sence to make the dress a two piece so that is what I did. Eventually I want to remake with more care and patience, It barely worked as a two piece with what I already had. I found some piping to use for the bottom of the bodice which gives it an extra nice look I think. So I was happy with that.
I didn't have any ribbons though, so I just used bias tape for the top of the bodice and I also don't have a zipper... yet. I plan on adding one, I just need to make a run to JOanns.
So the bodice right now fits me kinda big, I think that will easily be fixed though once I add the zipper.
I'm hoping I can add it for this coming weekend for a cosplay gathering in SF,
If not I'll just wear it like it is. It works, (I THINK) it just kinda makes me look a little bigger than I am. =p
(I've still got about 20lbs I'd like to loose.)

EDIT:** I added a zipper to the bodice but it still fits me loose, I need to take in the darts, for the remake I think more of a corset bodice would work best.

ONce I get more pics up you can view them here:


I've also been working on Tentacles version of Ursula, but I'm out of fabric and I'm not sure when I'll get to buy some.



Maybe by the end of the year!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Catz Stinky Feet Sock Dolls~



Well in case your wondering the dolls I will be posting for sale on my Etsy will be made out of new socks.


So I've been getting quite a few requests and people wanting to place orders for my Sock Dolls, and I just decided that I"m not taking any "orders".
I'm just not sure how to go about it (pricing and all) since I just make up a doll as I go along and no one doll is ever quite like the other.
I mean I've been making them all day today and.. they are all different, even if I used the same kind of sock.
So I've been telling everyone to just wait until I list them on my Etsy shop and that way you check them out and pick one you really like.


If you have specifics, like you want a lady gaga inspired doll (I'll be making some to list anyhow cuz lady gaga = hearts ) or you want a batman monkey, then yea, place an order.

I'll be selling the monkeys starting at $30 they are about 24in tall and 16in in arm length.
The dolls will be selling starting at $25 they range from 11in to 18 in.

REally it all depends on how I make them, the socks I use, how I decide to dress them. Ect.

So I'll keep you guys posted on what I list on Etsy.

Looking around Etsy to compare pricing, I found some ammmmazing sock artist!
Marible made is probably my absolute favorite!

My monkeys are far from being that good, but I just started so I hope to get better.

I love the sockdrawer too!
Check out this monkey!

Zparkleys is also another favorite!
I WANT THIS MONKEY! (of course I'll probably just make a zombie one for myself. =p)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Magik X-men

This commission was a altering of a pre-made suit which was provided by the customer.
I would of rather have made this costume from scratch, but she already spend the money on the suit, so I did what I could. Maybe some people think it's easier to do it this way, but it was hard enough to find fabric to match the fabric that the suit was made out of. Closest I could find in yellow was entirely too transparent, even if I doubled it over it would still be transparent. =/
I went with a lycra/spandex style fabric and I dont remember exactly what it is, but its not the same as the suit. IT was the yellow I found least transparent and I really just liked the color of it. IT was perfect I thought. The stretch was also a little less than the suit was made out of so sewing the two together proved to be a challenge. Thinking about it now I should of just cut the yellow fabric on the bias, that might of helped it be at it's max stretch.

The suit:


I drew the pattern on the suit and then cut it out: If it seems simple.. it's not.


Method one of the gloves, using a pattern.


Second method I used this tutorial I came accros on deviant art:

However mine came out just a little too tight, I think the pattern method worked better, but I did send both gloves, which ever works for her.

Tutorial method:


Patterned Gloves:


OMG Gloves! XD

Middle section shorts sewn together:


Then attached to the black suit:




And after hours of working on the collar, seriously a pain, it's done!


Since the stretch on both was different, I pinched the seams in a couple of places (should of used more pins), I used a stretch sticth to sew together so seam ripping through that is almost impossible. I fixed them best I could. IT's not too noticeable unless your right up on it.


BAck side.
The collar is a little off on the back, but after the bajillionth remake I gave up. This is the best I could get it. IT just didn't quite line up, probably because I cut the fabric off (should of made a pattern). You think it's just a freakn' rectangle how hard is that to cut and sew... apparently too hard. You should of seen it the first time, it was ridiculously off. *sweatdrop* The zipper threw me off too, I should of just taken off the whole zipper. That would of probably been alot easier but the zipper was kind of cheap quality I felt If I took off the whole thing I might just have to replace it. So I didn't.... This part I think would of been easier if the suit was all made at the same time.


Gweni decided she wanted to help me find the face of the fabric, it was hard to tell sometimes...


She agreed. XD
"I don't know what side is right side mama.... "



I'm really happy with the end results.
The hardest part was sewing the collar back in and making the gloves. I've made successful pair of gloves before but making them out of spandex/lycra was totally different.
I hope everything fits good and works out and hopefully I'll get some pictures.

THanks for reading.