Saturday, July 3, 2010

Projects Projects and more Projects~

Cutting is my least favorite part to the whole sewing process and I know that I shortcut it all I can and it's not 'right', but well that's why I'm not a professional.



I decided to dedicate a whole day to nothing but cutting, well two days since I"m still cutting. Fabric is still on the floor, pattern pieces laying over it ready to be cut. *drags feet*
I've still got a few more projects to cut out then I"m done with cutting for a while. I can Vacuum the place and it might stay clean for longer than it has been since I started taking commissions.
That pile in the picture may not look like many projects but there is at least 15 different projects there. And actually none of those are commissions. lol
Just things I'm making to put up for sale in my Etsy shop which you should check out.

Most things I make will be sm/med and until I get a Large dress from I won't likely make Lrg like items (waist over 36in bust over 40 hips over 40) because it's just hard to tell how it's going to fit someone without having something to base it on, especially when I alter patterns, which I do alot and I don't do it 'right' so I just gauge it by how it fits on the dress form. I don't sit there and try to calculate the inchs I need to add or whatever other technicalness there is to altering and drafting patterns. I have been thinking in investing in some sewing/pattern drafting classes but still haven't got around to it.

I'll be working on some vintage style lolita garments (I'm a little obsessed with vintage styles).
There's a couple of dresses in there, beach wear garments, lolita tops, and even some lolita style dresses for baby girls 6months - 2T. I've got a child mannequin I"m hoping to get here soon so I can get a good model for the child clothes I"ll be making. I've also got some lolita headbands in the works and more bonnets! Trying to put all my remnants to work.
ON top of all that! I have been denying my loom knitting and crochet skills so I'm also working on some newborn/baby photo prop hats and small crochet wonders.

While I was out shopping for my current commission (BAd Girl Dress
)Bad Girl (No More Heroes) 5 Pictures, Images and Photos



That's Right!!
To a Catz shop near you.

Well before my GweniAlarm going off, I'm going to get back to cutting.

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