Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fanime 2010

My first time to this con, now that I'm in the bay area, I decided to stop in.
I only went on saturday for a few hours and had a good time hanging out. Took a few photos you can view them here:

We didn't buy our badges, we got there late on saturday, the lines were rediculous and we really didn't think it was worth a day pass seeing as how half the day was gone and we weren't sure how long we'd hang around having Gwendolyn with us. She did real good though and seemed to love the enviroment, laughing and smiling at all the costumes. xp She laughed at my big bow in my hair most the way to the con. I wore Karin Kanzuki (Streetfighter Alpha 3).
There's not much I can say about the con itself, but the enviroment was great and we had a good time.
We also founda monopoly park a couple of blocks down, stoped in for some pictures. THat was alot of fun too, coolest park ever. =p
If we could of gathered a few people we could of played cosplay monopoply. lol
Maybe next time.


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