Thursday, April 8, 2010

Roadtrip Dreads and Lady Gaga!~

We've made it to the SF bay, took us three days with the lil one but we are finally here.
On the road I took some yarn to entertain myself and I came up with my first yarn dreadfall. It's kinda random as I just used left over yarns, but I really think it's neat. =] I'm going to try to come up with some yarn dreads that will blend in neat with my hair so I can braid them in. Since I just cut my hair braiding them in would probably hold better. After a while of wearing the fall it kinda just slipped off my hair, also because my hair is just ridiculously thin.


After I've got this yarn dread down, then maybe I'll give it a go with synthetic hair. ^_^ Who knew dreads could be so much fun! It was really fun putting this fall together.
I was curious to make dreads after I encountered this Pirate knitting project which included making some dreads by knitting a whole bunch of I-cords. Then I was motivated to look up other methods to dread yarn and the end result a random dreadfall! I did some knitted I-cords, and two different twisting methods. One looks more like a dread and one kinda looks like a braid and works better if you want to make a thick dread, IMO anyways. I guess you could also just braid the yarn, but that would take longer. Twisting is quick. There is also another method I want to try using a type of larkshead knotting or Macrame. It makes some really neat looking dreads-also takes longer though, but it's a much cooler looking dread than a braid.

Here's my Jack Sparrow Icord dread wig/hat. (The base knitted hat turned out way too small, so I'll have to redo this.)


Another project I started on the road that I just finished is my Lady Gaga inspired hat.Photobucket
I've had a couple of people ask me if I'm going to sell these hats, and although I think that my crochet shades need a little work, I think I will start selling them soon so stay tuned~

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