Friday, April 16, 2010

Eco-Friendly Crafts - Celebrate Earth Day~

A few weeks ago when I was packing my things, getting ready to move, I started to wonder what kind of recycled artsy stuff I could make with all the cardboard that I'm going to have after I unpack everything. So I did a google search and was inspired by all the really neat Recycled Art out there. My stuff has yet to get here *grumble* but with a couple of cans of baby formula, a roll of toilet paper, and a few Game Informer Magazines I put together the neatest and cheapest wall art ever. Well I thought it was cool.


It's cheap its' fun and it's super easy. Just take some cans of different sizes cut 'em up (Mine are all sorts of uneven - cuz I wasn't patient enough to draw lines-) find some cool pictures to cut out, magazine or your own pictures and TADA! Cheap frames and wall art.

Also when I did a cardboard art search I came across this really neat idea where a craftster by the name "fluffypants" put together this really neat looking Duck Hunt Lamp outa a Nintendo Gun Zapper and I thought it was real neat. I found it on, but I found her deviant art you can check out here:

It turned up in my cardboard search because she made the base of the lamp out of cardboard. I don't have a zapper, but I do have alot of cardboard and a broken lamp, sooooooooo.. I've started project Cardboard Duck hunt lamp.
This is the lamp I took apart the other day:


And this is what I have so far on my cardboard duck hunt lamp:


YOu like my silly base there, I ran out of cardboard because well ... The movers still haven't delivered my stuff. I'm not sure it'll look quite as neat or even anywhere close to the original idea, I'm no artist. NOt even sure I drew that gun out real well. Or the Base NIntendo, but I'm entertained and it's fun to try.
I'll keep ya posted.

Earth day is coming up so get yourself inspired to make some recycled art. I'm collecting my toilet paper rolls because this idea is soo neat!

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