Sunday, March 28, 2010

Super Mario Loom Knitted Hat inspiration! ^_^

NOVEMBER last year I randomly bought a loom set at walmart and got inspired to start knitting. It was pretty easy to make hats and so much fun I went crazy hatmaking and made some simple hats for everyone this past holiday season.
Now that I've kinda got the hang of basic stitches I've been looking to experiment a bit more with projects and I came accross This "Rawr Dino hats" blog by Telaine

and got inspired to take on that lil Dino challenge, but not only that I decided to turn it up a notch and ended up with ONLY the most awesome hat ever.
My Birdo hat:

I also came across this video that I just have to share.

So after making this awesometastic hat, I got to pondering what other Super Mario charactor hats I could loom up. (I'm a Mario nerd fan. ^_^)
And so far this is what I got.

My Chain Chop hat:
Which was knitted on the Green KK loom. (The Eyes were Crochet)
Also there is a free knitting Chain Chop hat I came accross (made with needles though)
In case your interested.

I realize there isn't many free cool loom knitting patterns (I've done alot of browsing when I first got mine)- and if your interested I sure wouldn't mind telling you how I loom knit this hat. (However - I've never written out a pattern so bear with me)

I've also got My Mario Hat:
and made a lil Luigi hat for my Baby girl:


I tried knitting a mustache - it didn't quite work out, then I tried crochet.. but that didn't quite work out either. BUT I will get it... eventually. LOL because nothing is more funny than a random mustache. I could not stop laughing when I put that mustache on Gwendolyn. SOo Freakn' Hilarious.
So My mario hat fit me a tad small, it would probably fit a child better, but it's ok, the next one will be just right. ^_^
I do plan to make more because I'm thinking of selling some of the hats I loom. I just love looming them, but what am I guna do with so many hats. I've given away most of the ones I've already made, but I have been asked to commisson some and so .....why not? Extra cash for more yarn for more knitting projects. Ha!
I have tried picking up knitting with needles, but the most I've done is square swatches. I find that I can pick up crochet alot easier. IT's just knitting with the needles is so... slippery, but I don't plan to give up. HOwever looming is so easy that everytime I see a knitted or crochet project I tend to try to figure out how I can go about doing it on a loom. I soo need to get some fine guage looms. All I have right now is my KK loom set.

I have more Mario inspired hats in the works, and I'll share those when I finish but I'm a bit sidtracked with trying to loom a Jack Sparrow Pirate wig. I got inspired when I saw the Pirate costume project in a loom book at walmart, but I didn't want to buy the book, so Im just kinda trying to do it on my own- shouldn't be too hard, just a bunch of I-cords and a sorta knitted wigcap.
I'll get it~! ^_^